Sales Trainer

My passion now is to pass on my expertise. In my career, I’ve found there are many talented sales people but very few have the ability to teach what they do. This is why I started Ready Sale Go.

Ready Sale Go was created to teach any salesperson. From the sales veteran who wants to refine their craft to the brand new salesperson just entering the industry. I teach individuals and small to medium size businesses to create better margins and produce higher and more consistent numbers. My mission is to help you significantly increase, if not double, your sales volume with less energy and less time.

As of 2019, I have now closed millions of dollars worth of sales, owned and lead 2 sales companies, and have taken upwards of 100 salespeople under my wing. I have trained salespeople using real-time sales calls, whiteboard training, and video conferences with 50-60 reps at a time.

I teach and implement the real reason why people buy and how to close on a consistent basis. Because of my experience, I know what sales people go through and I can relate to them. With some, I can tell just how badly they want to succeed because I’ve been there and I know what it takes to improve.

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